The new ebook edition of VOICE OF THE FALCONER is out, revised and ready! The print version will hit the shelves in January, and next week I head into the recording studio to start work on the audiobook for it. Exciting!

Of all the Star-Cross'd books, this is probably the happiest. Yes, it's Verona, so there's always murder and intrigue. But there's so much joyful discovery as well. Characters from The Master Of Verona have matured and changed in the eight years since last we saw them. And this was where I got to start writing Cesco as a fully-fledged individual. Whereas before he was a McGuffin, an object of plots and plans, here he's the instigator of half the action and all the quips. This novel also sees Pietro recognizing a truth about himself, a distasteful one that makes him rethink his actions and motives. It's also the point in the story where I get to introduce young Romeo and even little Juliet, a newborn child who has no idea of the plots and dangers swirling around her.

With chases and races, grave robbing and incarceration, battles and taunts, many moments of mirth and one of true tragedy, this whole novel was a joy to write – and to revisit! So grab your copy today!