Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet – The Juliet Trap

There is a particularly pernicious trap awaiting actresses cast as Juliet. A similar trap awaits Lady Macbeth, though of a different nature, as well as several of the more archetypal male roles. But none of them are as insidious as The Juliet Trap.  Here’s how it...

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October Updates!

Hello, friends! Here's some October news from Blixt World. Collaborations are a joy. I'm working on two books with two friends of mine, Lisa Yarde and Shawn Pfautsch. The books themselves could not be different - one set in 15th-century Granada and the other in WWII...

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Star Wars – Fixing Han’s Death

Star Wars – Fixing Han’s Death

When I'm not writing, I teach theatre history. I often use Star Wars as an example of story structure, so naturally we discuss the films a little. Recently, a student asked me what changes I would make to Star Wars. It's a question I get a lot. Now, having grown up...

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Author David Blixt’s work is consistently described as “intricate,” “taut,” and “breathtaking.” A writer of Historical Fiction, his novels span the Roman Empire to early Renaissance Italy up through the Elizabethan era…READ MORE

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