Discovered! The Lost Novels Of Nellie Bly!

It was the first day of December, 2019, and like Alice, I was down a rabbit hole. I was working on a short-story follow-up to What Girls Are Good For, my 2018 novel following the early career of groundbreaking undercover reporter Nellie Bly. My new story took place...

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To The Evangelical Trump Supporter

Today I was arguing on Facebook with an Evangelical Christian about his support for Trump. He said his church did great work, and challenged me as to when I last fed the hungry or clothed the poor. I said I do, though not enough. It was why I supported Democrats. He...

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Open Letter to President Trump

Open Letter to President Trump

Dear Mr. President - real talk. You don’t want to be president during this #coronavirus mess. Heck, you hardly wanted to be president before this. But now things are gonna be bad. You’re gonna be attacked, pilloried and vilified. Everyone’ll be hounding...

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About David

Author David Blixt’s work is consistently described as “intricate,” “taut,” and “breathtaking.” A writer of Historical Fiction, his novels span the Roman Empire to early Renaissance Italy up through the Elizabethan era…READ MORE

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