I'm already getting requests for more Will & Kit, which is just what I was secretly hoping for. I wrote it as a stand-alone, a fun romp through Shakespeare's lost years, taking a silly premise and just having fun. As I've said before, I was grinning throughout the whole writing process. 

Will 9_2But IF I were to do another, I know what the next plot is likely to be, and I certainly want to eventually tackle Kit's "death" in Deptford. So that's at least two more possible books, with lots of room to play. 

Now, I have a lot of other writing I intend to do this year – The Prince's Doom, the next three Colossus books, my noir Elizabethan "Have Sword Will Travel" novel (which I mention here for the first time), editing the first novel I ever wrote to see if there's anything valuable in there, and finally the big book about Hell that I have in mind. Yup, that's what I want to be done with by this time next year. We'll see.

But since the response to HMW has been so positive, I may take the occasinal break to write a chapter or two. After all, this one was originally written to be a serial novel on the Shanghai Low site! So writing chapters in fits and starts worked once. Why not again?

What I'm interested in are titles. I lucked into HER MAJESTY'S WILL one day while I was in Washington DC. Until then it was just called WILL & KIT. But now I like the double use of the word/name "Will." Much the same way that Bob Asprin used Myth in all his titles to hilarious effect, I'd like the word Will to be woven into the titles. So far this morning I'm toying with THIS WILL WON'T DO and WILLFUL FOLLY. 

So I'm looking for suggestions! If you have one, throw it into the comments, or else onto the Facebook Page, and I'll make a list. Have fun! Will5