There are still a few stories being edited. A few titles may change, a few may be added. But as it stands, here is the Table Of Contents for the new edition of VARNISHED FACES:

A Poet's Nightmare – Part I
San Bonifacio's Curse
The Daughters Of Venice
Varnished Faces
La Cittia Grossa
A Poet's Nightmare – Part II
De Monarchia
Lady In Waiting
The Hybla Bees
12 Apostoli
Illyria Lost
Heart's Ease
Desperate Pilot
A Poet's Nightmare – Part III

As I promised, a lot of new material to tide you over until CAPTIVE COLOURS (no, I haven't started writing it, I'm still researching, so simmer down, there's a lot of joy here).

Everything up to La Cittia Grossa takes place before or during THE MASTER OF VERONA. The various Nightmares and Paradiso all take place before VOICE OF THE FALCONER, while Serenissima takes place during it. De Monarchia, Lady In Waiting, and The Hybla Bees all occur during FORTUNE'S FOOL. And 12 Apostoli, Illyria Lost, Heart's Ease, and Desperate Pilot all take place during or after THE PRINCE'S DOOM.

That's right. Two of these take place immediately after what we know happened. We see both Pietro and Cesco again after the missed meeting on the quay in Venice.

Side note – one story has been re-titled, changing from The Shoemaker's Son to Illyria. My aim with the story changed as I resisted writing what I thought was the second part, only to write the perfect companion in Illyria Lost

Strangely enough, Cangrande is largely absent from these stories. The great Scaliger is here relegated to the occasional mention, and one conversation in the dark of a cell. Perhaps this means I have said all I have to say of him. His tale is over.

But there are so many more to tell. I'm glad to have the opportunity here.

You can pre-order the print edition of VARNISHED FACES here. If you already bought the digital version, good news! All you have to do when the new edition is released is re-download your purchase, and all the new material will appear! My gift to you. Varnished Faces 2_edited-2