I’ve been sitting on news about my next new novel for MONTHS – and still can’t talk about it, even though it comes out in just a few weeks. I have so much to say, I’ve already constructed a new section of my website devoted to it. I’m chomping at the bit to tell you all about it, and I promise, I’ll share it all here as soon as I have permission from my publisher. 

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have tons of other news to share. 

First off, WAIL OF THE FALLEN is almost here! The third installment of the COLOSSUS series returns to the world of Judah and Asher ben Matthais as they struggle to survive the Roman siege of Jerusalem! 

Second, and no less important, four of my backlist books are getting beautiful new editions from Creativia! That’s right. The first two COLOSSUS novels are getting new covers, and HER MAJESTY’S WILL is getting a new release with that same beautiful cover designed by artist Jay Fosgitt. Meanwhile the essay collection originally called ORIGIN OF THE FEUD is getting not only a new cover but a new name! I’ll share that as soon as I’m able. 

That doesn’t mean the old editions are going away. While the ebook editions will change, you can still get ahold of the classic print editions of each of these books. And that holds true for the next book in the COLOSSUS series, WAIL OF THE FALLEN. While the new deal with Creativia may delay the release of that one by a few weeks, fans of the old covers can pick up the new novel in print with the cover of your choice!

But for those new to the COLOSSUS series, these new covers are epic. I’m really pleased, as they blend the original idea with a dynamism that is perfect for this Roman/Judean epic. (Little thing, but wonderful – they retain the font structure of the new Star-Cross’d covers that were released last year). 

I’ll have more soon. Until then, feast your eyes upon the first of the new COLOSSUS covers!