Hello, friends! Here’s some October news from Blixt World.

Collaborations are a joy. I’m working on two books with two friends of mine, Lisa Yarde and Shawn Pfautsch. The books themselves could not be different – one set in 15th-century Granada and the other in WWII America. But conspiring with two brilliant friends is a wonderful way to build inspiration. While you’re waiting, check out Lisa’s wonderful series on the Sultanas of Granada, and Shawn’s Moby Dick-inspired play SEASON ON THE LINE.

Theatre-wise, I’m doing violence and intimacy design for three plays at the moment – Witch, Sister Act, and She Kills Monsters. The last one is particularly joyful, as I’m choreographing my daughter Eva in the play (they lost a young actor, and I mentioned it to Eva, who jumped at the chance). Naturally, all three shows open the same weekend, so I’m running around a lot.

Halloween fun: be sure to grab your free copy of my silly (and dark) short story about the night the Great Pumpkin actually shows up. SINCERITY is available to download for free from my website (click here!).

On to what you’re all waiting to hear. Every few days I receive an email asking where the next Star-Cross’d/Colossus/Nellie Bly book is. All I can say is, they’re coming. Specifically:

WAIL OF THE FALLEN is finished, and I’m incorporating my editor’s notes.

STUNT GIRL is paused while I finish the Nellie Bly novella entitled GIRL FIEND, where Nellie Bly tackles a charlatan going by the name Mesmer.

CAPTIVE COLOURS is one-third finished. The stage is set, I just need to clear the decks and dive in.

The thing is, I make most of my living through theatre. And, if you haven’t heard, theatre in America is having a hard time. So I don’t have as much time as I’d like to write, as I continue to make ends meet. Ah, the glamorous life of an artist!

Here’s what you can do to help me finish these books:
1. Spread the word about my books! Honestly, each sale is both a boon and a pressure to finish the next novel.

2. Join my Patreon. This forces me to create and respond, and not just sit down and binge The Bear or Welcome To Wrexham. And there’s a ton of stuff I can give to you while you wait!

3. While not bombarding me, please keep in touch. It’s just me and the computer here, and it’s nice to know you’re out there. Waiting. Lurking. Plotting…

Have a terrific Fall, and pre-order your copy of A SONG OF WAR, which drops on November 21st!