Interesting stuff happening or happened today. Not an exhaustive list. Definite liberal truth bias.

The 19 feral cats who live on the grounds of Mexico’s Presidential Palace have been declared “living fixed assets” of the government by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The declaration – usually applied to artworks and cultural/historic pieces – means the cats (who are all fixed and chipped) will be fed and cared for by the Treasury even after Obrador leaves office.

Following the passing of Venezuelan Juan Vicente Pérez at age 114, and the passing of Gisaburo Sonobe of Japan at 112, (RIP, gentlemen) John Alfred Tinniswood, Englishman of London, is the “oldest living man” confirmed by the good people at Guinness. He credits his longevity to “luck, moderation — and fish and chips every Friday.”

According to a study of nationwide satellite data released Friday and published in the journal Science, almost half of China’s major cities are sinking at a “moderate to severe” pace, putting millions of people at risk for flooding. “45% of China’s urban land is sinking faster than 3 millimetres per year, with 16% at more than 10 mm per year, driven not only by declining water tables but also the sheer weight of the built environment.” Researchers at the South China Normal University report that “within the next century, nearly a quarter of coastal land could actually be lower than sea levels.” Seems we have an international flooding theme this week.

After hours of breathless reporting overnight about Israeli attacks on Iran, reaction Friday from both countries is muted as the damage seems “limited.” An airforce base outside Isfahan (in central Iran) appears to have been the target. US and International diplomacy continues.

Taylor Swift dropped a new double album in the wee morning hours. Enjoy.

Judge Merchan’s very cold courtroom was back in session today. 12 jurors and 6 alternates are all sworn in. Sandoval hearing (see Wednesday) took most of the afternoon. Judge says he will rule Monday. Judge also denied another defense attempt at presidential immunity. Opening statements, Monday.

Tesla recalls the “cybertruck.” Apparently, the accelerator pedal can stick when pressed.

The House passed the rules for debate for foreign aid funding 316-94 on Friday – with majority Dem support. The bill contains $60.8bn for Ukraine, $26.4bn for Israel w/ $9.1bn of that earmarked for Palestinian humanitarian purposes, and 8.1 billion “to counter China in the Indo-Pacific” – ie. Taiwan. Final vote is expected Saturday and passage is expected. Loud members of the MAGA wing say this will be the end of Mike Johnson’s speakership.

Cult leader Paul Mackenzie’s trial begins next week in Nairobi. Mackenzie and dozens of his “church” associates are charged with the murder of 161 children and many other crimes. Interior Minister Kithure Kindiki has declared Mackenzie’s Good News International Ministries a criminal organization and described it as a Doomsday cult. To date, 429 bodies have been found along rural, coastal Kenya showing signs of starvation and strangulation – all connected to GNIM.

Following Rishi Sunak (PM)’s plan to end smoking in the UK, Parliament passed new restrictions on the sale of tobacco products. The new law says the current legal age to buy cigarettes (currently 18) will increase every year, effectively making the purchase of cigarettes by anyone born in or after 2007 illegal.

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland on Friday announced the blocking of construction on the Ambler Road, a proposed 211-mile mining road planned to cut through a portion of Alaska’s pristine Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve to give copper mining access. Interior also barred oil and gas development across more than 13 million acres of Alaska’s North Slope.

Finally: NYAG, Leticia James, asks the Court to void the $175mn bond from Knight Specialty Insurance Co being held for the icky man so he can appeal the verdict in his civil fraud case. In a 26-pg filing, concerns were expressed about the validity of the bond, the collateral, the process of attainment, and that KAIC “is not authorized to write business in New York and thus not regulated by the state’s insurance department” and “has a total policyholder surplus of just $138 million.” Hearing will be Monday.

There’s tons more, it’s a big world, but that’s a quick clip.